2018 Symposium

“Using Technology to Scale Support for Teachers and Community Educators in Low-Resource Environments”

The 8th annual mEducation Alliance Symposium brought together approximately 325 of the leading minds and practitioners in the field of information and communications technology for education (ICT4E) to share information, deepen connections, and form new partnerships. 

The primary focus of the 2018 Symposium was the central role of the teacher and community educator, and how technology can provide greater support for their professional development, motivation, networking, and delivery of instruction in traditional and non-traditional educational settings. We received over 160 submissions for presentations for the event and had selected approximately 86 (presenter bios and abstracts) from donor agencies bi- and multilateral institutions, NGOs, governments, researchers, and firms working on the leading edge of low-cost, sustainable education technology.

The event (agenda) included interactive sessions in dynamic formats including lighting talks, interviews, dynamic panel presentations, gallery walks, and impactful and intentional networking opportunities. View and download all presentations from the 2018 Symposium. 

Sub-themes of this year’s Symposium included:

  • In and Out-of-School Classroom Instruction
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Supporting Education “Paraprofessionals” (including those in non-traditional, community settings)
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Delivering Instruction in Crisis and Conflict Settings
  • Supporting Learners with Disabilities
  • Real-time Classroom/Community Data Collection/Monitoring
  • Establishing/Building Digital Communities to Support Educators

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