Play-based Learning for Math and Science

Part 1 - Sept. 14, 2020

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A fundamental social and cultural problem exists across India. Lack of literacy is felt to be a sign of backwardness, while lack of numeracy is not. As a consequence, improving literacy has seen substantial investment, but very little has gone behind improving numeracy. Poor foundational learning is a key reason for alarmingly high dropout rates of our child population. 

To supplement Akshara’s efforts in the classroom in the teaching and learning of math, Building Blocks was conceived as a product that could be used in homes that lack a learning environment, where parents are illiterate and unavailable to focus on children. Building Blocks is a FREE gamified Math app developed by Akshara during 2017-19. Intuitive and interactive, it is a set of 250+ pedagogy led “gamelets” in nine Indian regional languages for grades 1 to 5. Mapped to India’s National Curriculum Framework (NCF-2005) guidelines, it works on the most basic-level Android smartphones, ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Presenter: Ashok Kamath, Chair

Organization: Akshara Foundation

Abstract: High quality technology-enabled and gamified curriculum mastery learning solution for junior and secondary school students and economically disadvantaged out-of-school children in Nigeria, Kenya, South-Africa and India: Contains the entire grade 7-12 west and south African secondary school curriculum; High quality educational gaming system for mathematics that facilitates independent learning of important mathematical concepts through intuitive gaming. The gaming system does not assume an educator (such as a parent or teacher) but accommodates a facilitator who is either co-located or remote from the student(s). Designed to help parents and school partners mitigate the effect of school closure on senior school students’ learning, The gamification and fun learning game approach provides a self learning environment for learners inside the institutional system but even more so for the most marginalised communities.

Presenters: Dr. Joseph Adetunji Adegbesan, Founder and CEO of  Gidi Mobile & Papadi Games and Lize Monamets, Chief Operating Officer of African Institute for Mentoring Pty

Organization: Gidi Mobile & Papadi Games, African Institute for Mentoring Pty (AIM)

Abstract: Mathika is an innovative online math platform. With Mathika kids age 5-13 can learn Math by themselves by using video clips, games, and tools. The main emphasis is the ability to learn math without a written language, without a teacher’s supervision and putting the realms of the learning in the hands of the learners and by that, teaching them how to take responsibility on their learning and their life.

Presenter: Eyal Dessoutzafri, CEO and Co-Founder

Organization: iMagine Machine Israel Ltd.


Presenter: Christer Gunderson, Chief Technology Officer

Organization: Global Digital Library

Part 2 - Sept. 15, 2020

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Abstract: We plan to develop a problem-based adventure game set in a 3D virtual world that will help students in middle school get a deep understanding of numbers and operations and be able to carry out complex operations. The innovation that we want to implement is an in-game cascading scaffold or support framework that will determine if the student needs help with more foundational concepts and provide the opportunity to learn those concepts by adaptively changing the narrative and leading students to rejoin the flow of the game. Middle school is a crucial time in a student’s educational journey as it is the period at which their self-concept of ability becomes stable and it is the period at which students start getting disengaged with math and there is a marked increase in negativity towards math from sixth to eighth grade. Our goal is to create a game that keeps students engaged and also help those who have fallen behind to catch up.

Presenter: Vidya Raman, CEO

Organization: RoundEd Learning Inc.

Abstract: As per the leading Media Portal, the Guardian “Maths Anxiety” causing fear and despair in children as young as six which can cause physical symptoms and behavior problems in classes. Trigonik is a Trigonometry based Educational board game exclusively designed for students & people above the age of 10 above, globally there are 59 million children in 195 countries. This game will reduce the anxieties and improve the learning outcome. It will also reduce the burden of teachers. Time is the best asset of any school and teacher. Usually it takes 60-90 minutes or 2-3 periods for teachers teach the basic concept, but with this game the burden will get removed. There are still old traditional practices and pedagogy used to teach the children which doesn’t help all the students. With this, we are empowering all the students and teachers with a new to create a positive impact.

Presenter: Nikhil Gehlot, Founder

Organization: Ideaforage Innovations Private Ltd.

Abstract: Digital technologies can improve learning outcomes in early childhood education. A significant problem for early childhood education has been how to understand the pedagogical use of technologies in a sector that values play‐based learning. In this presentation we discuss how the chess game engine influenced the development of an inclusive learning tool.

Presenter: Cavin Mugarura, CEO

Organization: Node Media Systems